About Central Valley High School

Central Valley High School (CV) is fortunate in an age where schools across the nation are dropping their vocational programs in favor of more traditional core classes. CV has wood shop classes with a little bit of the old, such as table saws, jointers and bandsaws, plus a bit of the new with a CNC router and new laser engraver. At the other end of the hallway is the metal shop where manufacturing and robotics are taught with traditional welders and sheet metal, plus some new additions including an 8’ CNC plasma cutter and MIG/TIG welder.

About the Project

According to Alan Wardsworth “we stumbled onto this project over the summer and met John Whitcomb”. John was super excited to see high school kids learn about the restoration process of a classic wooden boat and all the skills they could learn from the project. A deal was made to take on the project and then sell it upon completion to raise money for the club and pay for supplies. John also became involved in setting a meeting with Daryl Reynolds, the current President of the Inland Empire Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society, and another member of the group. With John and Daryl’s help we hope to be able to source missing parts, restoration techniques, and tours of Stancraft boats. Area business relationships with SkillsUSA are a big part of the club to give students a look at future employment opportunities, the world of work, and industry skill techniques.

About the CV chapter of SkillsUSA

2018-29 Officers

President: Miranda Kuhlmann

Vice President: Logan Fredekind

Treasurer/Secretary: Casey Constance

Sergeant at Arms: Brianna Creeger

Reporter/Historian: Austin Florendo

Event Coordinator: Keandra Piatt

Advisors: Alan Wardsworth, Ron Beard