October 22, 2018

Phase 2 – Engine Repair

Stage 2: Today progress was made on the CC striping the interior parts. Labels and photo were made and parts stored. Gas tank was removed and all the parts are complete, the tank will need to be hot tank because it was full of rust and a new copper fuel hose at shut-off was broken. The tank mounting forms made of fir (usually made from white oak) will need to be reproduced because the carriage bolts have rusted to the point of becoming part of the wood.

Stage 3: We continued the disassembly of the engine draining the engine oil with no metal particles in the oil or filter but there was only a quart and a half of oil. We removed the side access panel and it looked pretty good considering the amount of sludge in the lifter galley. We removed the oil pan with no success and then determined that the transmission and housing need to be removed because it has (5) oil pan bolts through the tranny housing.