September 25, 2018

Phase One: Laying out project

Central Valley High School SkillsUSA took delivery on September 25, 2018. The group with Mr. Wardsworth decided to unload the loose parts and take pictures of all loose parts and inventory those parts and conditions to be stored in the Manufacturing room D109 back storage room.

Stage 1: Cleaning, labeling, and storing those parts with a good picture will our highest priority.

Stage 2: Cover boat while outside and photograph general condition, damaged areas in need of repair, and replacement parts still on the craft.

Stage 3: Inspect engine for parts needed, general condition (compression test), mount in frame or on engine stand to make ready for testing. Source parts for Chris Craft 327F Marine engine year 1965-68 (1965)? and determine which letter code it is. Since this is not the original engine some of the value in a concourse restoration will be lost so it’s probably  best to restore the engine to be more reliable like an electronic ignition and upgraded carburetor. The original engine is a 283 Chevrolet and still would not be numbers matching.